About WDN

The Western Digital Net (WDN) is a Relay Traffic Net on HF that uses the FLDigi suite of software and many relay stations to serve the Amateur Radio community. It was created in the fall of 2019 and has operated every Thursday since. This West-of-the-Rockies keyboard-to-keyboard HF net endeavors to reach out to Amateur radio […]

Forwarding Paths

Relay Stations greatly extend the reach and capabilities of the WDN Net. They are essentially the life blood of any traffic net. Forwarding takes that even further. In addition to keyboard-to-keyboard real-time relay of information, our participating stations can also forward traffic into the Winlink System, and via email, where available, to reach the intended […]


Here you will find macros, links and instructions for WDN. For FLDigi settings, check this link. WDN CONVENTIONS We highly encourage you to check out the ORCA Net if you are new to NBEMS or just want to brush up on your skills! The WDN is a spin-off from ORCA and most of the skills […]